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NMF MONSE, spol. s r.o.

The non-state medical facility MONSE, spol. s r.o. associates 3 consulting rooms of general practitioners for adults having contractual relations with health insurance companies, 1 outpatient surgical department having contractual relations with health insurance companies and 1 consulting room of general practitioner and internist without any contractual relation.

Care provided:
We provide complex care as a part of public health insurance focused on prevention. Our clients include both individuals and the whole families. In case of any handicap, we carry out examinations, based on agreement, of the client in his or her home environment. Based on contractual relations with employers, we ensure preventive company care to an agreed extent.

We perform the following operations that are not paid by health insurance companies:

  • Checks-up as a part of preventive company care (based on the contract with the employer),
  • Examinations for driving licences, firearm licences and medical cards,
  • Medical certificates,
  • Reports for commercial insurance companies,
  • Vaccinations against infectious illnesses (you will be informed of what vaccinations are paid from the public insurance funds in the consulting room).

Contractual health insurance companies:
111 – General Health Insurance Company,
201 – Military Health Insurance Company,
205 – Czech Industrial Insurance Company,
207 – Occupational Health Insurance Company for Employees of the Banking, Insurance and Building Industry,
211 – Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of the Interior of CR,
217 – Health Insurance Company METAL-ALIANCE.

We attend to our clients in the following outpatient departments:

Contractual consulting rooms:
Prague 2 - SILEMO, s.r.o. Svatoplukova 9 (entrance from Oldřichova 44)
Prague 3 - Olšanská 7, Surgical outpatient department (Health Centre Olšanská 7)
Prague 6 - Bělohorská 157
Prague 7 - Nábřeží Kpt. Jaroše 7 (the building of the Tax Office for Prague 6)

Non-contractual consulting rooms:
Prague 1 - Vlašská 36 (NMSKB)

The overview of consultation hours and names of the individual practitioners can be found in the bookmarks of the individual consulting rooms.

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